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Karen first asked me if she could treat Ludo while she was training in the EMMETT Technique and since then she has been on his team whenever I feel he is uncomfortable. Ludo is an Anglo-Arab who I event and do lots of HRCAV competitions with, sometimes up to three a month. I usually ride him 6 days a week and he does a mixture of dressage, poles, jumping and hacking out.  Ludo is very quick to tell me if he is sore, although a sound horse, the nature of his work and competition does have big demands on his body.  I like the fact that Karen always watches him moving before deciding on the treatment and has a very quiet approach. If Ludo shows any sign of being unhappy, which he does, she will stop and wait and either start again or change her approach with a different move. She will give him a lot of time to process what is happening and we often move him again so it is not a static treatment. I always find him improved after a treatment.  The EMMETT Technique is very gentle to the horse and is complimentary to good saddle fit, shoeing, teeth, feed, veterinary care  and work regime, keeping Ludo fit and well.  I would recommend Karen to you.

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My mare, Tahiti, is 21 years old and behaves like a four year old.  She is currently training in the higher movements and is loving the work.  However, she has osteo-arthritis in her hocks and has recently been treated with cortisone injections with wonderful results.  The pain in her hocks had caused her to load up her shoulders which remained blocked even after the hocks were treated.  The right shoulder was particularly bad and became completely locked to the extent that I couldn’t get her to flex or bend to the right.

I asked Karen Bilham, an EMMETT practitioner, to treat Tahiti with an Emmett session.  The difference in Tahiti’s movement was astonishing.  After one treatment, Tahiti was flexing and bending to the right without any difficulty and was no longer hanging on the right rein.  A second treatment a week later reinforced the previous results and subsequent treatments, getting further apart, ensure that this long standing problem is resolved.  Karen also checked all Tahiti’s  musculature and corrected any imbalances or tension in the muscles of her back, hindquarters and neck.

The EMMETT technique is amazing – it is non-invasive, non-threatening and you can see your horse relaxing and responding to the fingertip touch given by the practitioner.   The horse is relaxed throughout the treatment – so much so that I was asked by Karen to take Tahiti for a couple of walks to wake her up!!!

I was so impressed with Tahiti’s response to Karen’s treatments that I asked Karen to include me in the sessions.  I too have benefited from Karen’s magic touch.   In particular, the pecs, which are frequently tight in horse riders and previous treatments with conventional physio have been excruciating.  Karen’s fingertip touch didn’t hurt me, and the release of muscle tension was amazing.  She also helped with my neck and back issues which have been ongoing problems for many years.

I’m very enthusiastic about the EMMETT technique and would encourage other riders and their horses to try it too.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain – at the touch of Karen’s fingertips!