Reset Muscle Maintenance - EMMETT Technique

Feel the benefit of EMMETT Therapy

A safe and gentle treatment to reduce pain and improve performance, for horses and humans on Melbourne’s Mornington Peninsula

Your horse will love it and you’ll love the results!

Your horse is more than an animal. He’s your best friend, companion, maybe performance partner too.

Keep him happy and sound and performing at his best with EMMETT therapy – a painless, non-invasive muscle release treatment.

Reset Muscle Maintenance specialises in treating horses and their humans on Melbourne’s Mornington Peninsula, reducing pain and improving performance through a relaxing, enjoyable, light touch-based treatment.

And if you don’t have a horse – that’s ok too!

Hi, I’m Karen at Reset Muscle Maintenance

I found the amazingly effective treatment that is EMMETT Therapy when I was looking for a way to treat my own aches and pains.

Having worked with horses throughout my life, when I found out I could also help them I was hooked.

Now, I have many 4-legged clients and 2-legged clients, and all of them have one thing in common.

They instantly feel the benefits after an EMMETT treatment.

I get immense joy from helping horses, in particular. I love to see them move with more freedom, to shake off pain and discomfort, and see their personalities shine through. I hold horses’ opinions in the upmost – after all, they don’t lie!

Changes in behaviour or problems with performance may be the first things you notice suggesting there could be something wrong. Now is the time to address these issues and with EMMETT therapy, I do just that.

Helping your horse and you perform at your best!

“She has such a relaxing presence. I love her quiet, thoughtful approach and how she gives each horse treatment that is tailored to their individual needs.”

Karen Bilham EMMETT Practitioner & Tutor

More than just a massage

EMMETT therapy is a gentle, effective, and safe treatment. It can provide instant results with no nasty side-effects, painful prodding, or annoying extended time off for your equine athlete.

Horses are naturally prey animals, and immensely good at hiding pain and discomfort. Once symptoms are visible, the problem may have been simmering long-term and treatment is needed ASAP.

EMMETT therapy is not just a last-ditch attempt at making your horse better but is ideal as a preventative measure to soothe any problems before the symptoms appear.

EMMETT Therapy can help with:

  • pain and discomfort in horse and rider
  • stiffness and inflexibility
  • crookedness
  • shortness of stride or not tracking up properly
  • problems with mounting such as dipping back
  • poor performance
  • saddle soreness or girthing issues
  • dragging toes or tripping
  • unbalanced head carriage
  • grumpiness when brushing
  • suddenly refusing jumps
  • unexplained bad behaviour

Benefits include:

  • no stress or pain for the horse or rider
  • results can more often than not be instantly achieved
  • no interruption to training schedules as virtually no time off needed
  • horses love the treatment, even the grumpy ones