EMMETT for Horse & Rider

EMMETT Horse & Rider

Does your horse struggle to get the correct canter lead when you’re riding, yet he can perform miracles in the paddock?

Do you often get told you’re slumping or sitting to one side when you’re on your horse?

Do you pay for your passion with chronic aches and pains after time spent in the saddle?

EMMETT therapy for horse and rider helps to bring both you and your horse into balance. If you’re not sitting balanced on your horse, he will compensate through his body in order to stay underneath you. Help him by ensuring you are as balanced and supple as you can be.

EMMETT works to improve flexibility, suppleness, and balance. So that you become more in tune with your horse, less of a passenger, and easily able to forge that great partnership you know you could have.

By improving your own symmetry and suppleness, and reducing your pain or restrictions, EMMETT massage therapy will help you to help your horse. Stop making it awkward or painful for him through your own body restrictions, and instead free yourself to work as one with him.

EMMETT for Horse & Rider helps with:

  • improved relationship between horse and rider
  • increased flexibility, suppleness, and balance
  • improved performance
  • reduced pain and discomfort
  • lasting feeling of relief and happiness for both

Treatment Day

Both you and your horse are seen on the same day wherever the horse is located. I take your history and assess both of you standing and walking.

I work with riders sitting or standing in lightweight clothing.

Duration: Approximately one hour, more may be needed

Investment: $100 per treatment, includes both horse and rider

“My horse is much calmer and is working very strongly and without any lameness. After you worked on me, I didn’t notice much change until I rode the horse, and found my hips much looser and my position straighter and so much more stable.”