EMMETT 4 Horses

EMMETT Technique

Gentle and effective muscle release therapy for horse and rider

What is the EMMETT technique?

Simply put, EMMETT therapy is a safe and gentle muscle release treatment, carried out using very light touches at certain points of the body.

Similar to the way the touch screen on your phone works, light pressure will activate small sensors in the body and send a message to the brain to return the muscles to their normal function.

Why the EMMETT Technique?

The EMMETT technique is ideal for everybody, whether two-legged or four-legged.

It can help with:

  • reduced pain and discomfort
  • increased flexibility, balance, and suppleness
  • Improved quality of life
  • Better performance or behaviour in the horse
  • Improved relationship between horse and rider
  • Relieving the symptoms of many aches, pains, and health issues

“Thanks, Karen, for the sensational EMMETT treatment for my back. I am walking much better and this non-invasive therapy has me further along the road to recovery.”

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