EMMETT for Racehorses & Yearling Prep.

Reset Muscle Maintenance - EMMETT Technique

Give your racehorses the edge. The relaxation of a horse massage, with the benefits of lasting results.

Make sure your yearlings out-walk everyone else. Prepare them mentally and physically before the sales with EMMETT bodywork.

The Thoroughbred racing industry is exciting, demanding, and passionate. It’s fast-paced, competitive, and often there’s just a short nose between winning or losing.

Just as a human athlete gets bodywork to fully prepare for top performance and recovery, a racehorse should too. Tension and niggles can start to build up and have an effect on performance.

EMMETT therapy works to find small problems before they become big ones, and regular sessions will keep your racehorse in peak physical health, and mentally able to cope with the rigours of training and racing.


  • Greater length of stride and stretch
  • Improved performance
  • Reduced pain and stiffness
  • Nomore sore backs or dipping when mounted
  • Increased tracking up in walk
  • More relaxed, calmer horse on sales/race day
  • No interruption to training schedule, no need for days of ‘down-time’
  • Quicker recovery after injury/racing
  • Prepares the horse to fully benefit from his spell in the paddock

Treatment Day

I assess each horse walking and standing first. During and after the treatment, I reassess for maximum results.

Duration: Approximately 30 minutes per horse.

Regular treatments are recommended for optimum peak performance in Racehorses.

Treatments during Yearling Preparation to ensure even muscle development and a great walk and on arrival at the sales to relieve the stress and strain of travelling and being in a new environment.

Investment: Packages available for racing stables and studs, on a multiple-horse basis.