EMMETT 4 Horses

EMMETT Technique

Gentle and effective muscle release therapy for horse and rider

What is the EMMETT technique?

Simply put, EMMETT therapy is a safe and gentle muscle release treatment, carried out using very light touches at certain points of the body.

Similar to the way the touch screen on your phone works, light pressure will activate small sensors in the body and send a message to the brain to return the muscles to their normal function.

Why the EMMETT Technique?

The EMMETT technique is ideal for everybody, whether two-legged or four-legged.

It can help with:

  • reduced pain and discomfort
  • increased flexibility, balance, and suppleness
  • Improved quality of life
  • Better performance or behaviour in the horse
  • Improved relationship between horse and rider
  • Relieving the symptoms of many aches, pains, and health issues

Thanks, Karen, for the sensational EMMETT treatment for my back. I am walking much better and this non-invasive therapy has me further along the road to recovery.

My Services

EMMETT for Horse & Rider

EMMETT Horse & Rider

Does your horse struggle to get the correct canter lead when you’re riding, yet he can perform miracles in the paddock?

 Do you often get told you’re slumping or sitting to one side when you’re on your horse?

 Do you pay for your passion with chronic aches and pains after time spent in the saddle?

EMMETT therapy for horse and rider helps to bring both you and your horse into balance. If you’re not sitting balanced on your horse, he will compensate through his body in order to stay underneath you. Help him by ensuring you are as balanced and supple as you can be.

EMMETT works to improve flexibility, suppleness, and balance. So that you become more in tune with your horse, less of a passenger, and easily able to forge that great partnership you know you could have.

By improving your own symmetry and suppleness, and reducing your pain or restrictions, EMMETT massage therapy will help you to help your horse. Stop making it awkward or painful for him through your own body restrictions, and instead free yourself to work as one with him.

EMMETT for Horse & Rider helps with:

  • improved relationship between horse and rider
  • increased flexibility, suppleness, and balance
  • improved performance
  • reduced pain and discomfort
  • lasting feeling of relief and happiness for both

Treatment Day

Both you and your horse are seen on the same day wherever the horse is located. I take your history and assess both of you standing and walking.

I treat riders sitting or standing in lightweight clothing.

Duration: Approximately one hour, more may be needed

Investment: $100 per treatment, includes both horse and rider

My horse is much calmer and is working very strongly and without any lameness. After you worked on me, I didn’t notice much change until I rode the horse, and found my hips much looser and my position straighter and so much more stable.


Racehorse Rehabilitation and Yearling Prep

Reset Muscle Maintenance - EMMETT Technique

Give your racehorses the edge. The relaxation of a horse massage, with the benefits of lasting results.

Make sure your yearlings out-walk everyone else. Prepare them mentally and physically before the sales with EMMETT bodywork.

The Thoroughbred racing industry is exciting, demanding, and passionate. It’s fast-paced, competitive, and often there’s just a short nose between winning or losing.

Just as a human athlete gets bodywork to fully prepare for top performance and recovery, a racehorse should too. Tension and niggles can start to build up and have an effect on performance.

EMMETT therapy works to find small problems before they become big ones, and regular sessions will keep your racehorse in peak physical health, and mentally able to cope with the rigours of training and racing.


  • Greater length of stride and stretch
  • Improved performance
  • Reduced pain and stiffness
  • Nomore sore backs or dipping when mounted
  • Increased tracking up in walk
  • More relaxed, calmer horse on sales/race day
  • No interruption to training schedule, no need for days of ‘down-time’
  • Quicker recovery after injury/racing
  • Prepares the horse to fully benefit from his spell in the paddock

Treatment Day

I assess each horse walking and standing first. During and after the treatment, I reassess for maximum results.

Duration: Approximately 30 minutes per horse. Regular treatments are recommended for optimum peak performance in racehorses and during Yearling Preparation to ensure even muscle development and a great walk, and on arrival at the sales to relieve the stress and strain of travelling and being in a new environment.

Investment: Packages available for racing stables and studs, on a multiple-horse basis.

EMMETT for Horses

Is your horse trying to tell you something?

Has his behaviour or personality changed recently?

Won’t stand still to be mounted, leaning on one rein or started stopping uncharacteristically at jumps?

EMMETT for horses is a dedicated service to treat your 4-legged friend, to improve his quality of life and ensure he stays your best friend for many more years to come.

Try as they might, horses can’t speak to us in our language.

So, they use theirs.

Pain and discomfort are shown through a change in behaviour, personality, or maybe through a stiffness or heaviness on one rein that wasn’t there before. Our horses can only show us something’s not right, and it’s up to us to observe and help.

EMMETT therapy relieves pain and discomfort and improves suppleness, and the results are usually instant.

A happy horse = a happy owner!

Use EMMETT to:

  • Help with recovery after a competition
  • Relax and fine-tune the body before a competition
  • Maintain general wellbeing and happiness with regular treatments

Does your horse suffer from?

  • Crookedness
  • Stiffness
  • Tension
  • Unexplained lameness
  • Sore back
  • Sensitive to touch
  • Girthing problems
  • Change in performance or behaviour
  • General grumpiness

EMMETT 4 horses can help with:

  • Flexibility
  • Straightness
  • Softness and suppleness
  • Collection
  • Impulsion
  • Lift over jumps
  • Length of stride
  • General behaviour
  • General performance
  • Recovery time

Treatment Day

I take your horse’s history and assess him beforehand standing and walking. Throughout the treatment, he is again walked periodically to reassess.

Duration: Approximately 45 minutes

Investment: $80 per treatment, with a discount available for regular scheduled maintenance sessions or multiple horses

EMMETT for You

Emmett Therapy

Is your stiff knee or painful shoulder getting you down?

Do you feel as if you’ve tried all therapies on offer?

Do you feel frustrated you’re just not getting the results you want?

EMMETT therapy is different. It gets results. It’s suitable for sports people, babies, pregnant women, the elderly and everyone else in between.

It can help with symptoms of:

  • Tight neck and sore shoulders
  • Heel or foot pain
  • Sore back and hips
  • Tight knees or ankles
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Dizziness
  • Sinus or lymphatic congestion
  • Breathing problems
  • Abdominal or bowel cramps and pain
  • Pregnancy-related discomfort

EMMETT benefits for the rider:

  • Reduced pain and discomfort
  • Instant results and relief
  • No painful prodding
  • No need to take time off to recover
  • Quick, relaxing, painless sessions
  • Help your horse when you ride him, no more hindering his natural gait or balance
  • Experience a better relationship with your horse and become a real partnership
  • Learn more about your body and its restrictions/uniqueness
  • Feel better than you have done in ages

Treatment Day

I treat you at my home on Melbourne’s Mornington Peninsula.

You can wear lightweight clothing as there is no need to undress.

Duration: Approximately 30-60 minutes of relief and relaxation, depending on how your body responds and what it needs

Investment: $60 per treatment

A big shout-out to Karen from Reset Muscle Maintenance. I walked out a lot happier and straighter than when I went in!